Friday, October 4, 2013

New York Film Festival Coverage Begins Tomorrow!

Hey y'all. Revving up for the NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL tomorrow! Wish I could've been there this past week but hey, I'm an adult, I got bills to pay, I got my own mouth to feed and I ain't got time to go gallavantin' off to every film festival that comes knocking at my door!

Ya whippersnappers!

But there are indeed exceptions to this rule. Like the ones that involve the town of New York City. And press passes. And those are things worth taking off work for.

So starting tomorrow, get ready to have your faces blown off by reviews of movies that you probably haven't even heard of yet! (Depending on if you're as pokey as I am with tracking down YouTube trailers...)

In the meantime, may the corn be with you.

Yep. This corn.

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