Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Half-Assed Reviews of Two Actually Good Movies

To be honest, even though I did see both Being Elmo and The Descendants in the past two weeks, I really never had time to write about them. So instead of offering up some watered-down, halfassed, twice-as-long description of those two movies that would take about forty-five minutes each to write without any really saying anything, I’m going to sum them both up:

Who needs feelings when you have a puppet to feel them for you?

Being Elmo was good. A documentary about Kevin Clash, the puppeteer that created Elmo and acts as his puppeteer to this day. Not a bad movie, but could’ve been a little more introspective. Unless of course all this man thinks about is puppets, which is hinted at more than once by the mere subject matter of this film. You get the impression that while this guy is a puppet genius, he doesn’t think about much else…

Totally copying off of my userpic...

The Descendants was incredible. Though it boasts a plot line that could easily be found in any daytime soap opera, this movie is beautifully subtle and incredibly believable. Dealing with the drama of his wife dying as a result of a jet ski accident, Matt King then finds out that she was cheating on him not long beforehand. The frustration and confusion from both Matt King, his eldest daughter (who would've thought that the girl from Secret Life would turn out to be an actually good actress?), and her aloof friend Sid is completely tangible on the backdrop of beautiful Hawaii. Lots of Hawaiian shirts. Lots of family drama. Very cool movie. Very cool.