Monday, June 3, 2013

The Miracle of Sound and How So Many People are Butchering It

Ok. Just because I have my own blog about film, let me take the time to rant you dear readers about something that has been driving me CRAZY lately:


Now, if I were the head of a film company that was churning out movie after movie after movie every year, perhaps I would lose a little respect for the details. Just like MacDonald's will never serve the kinds of burgers that you get at a steakhouse for $50+ it's stupid to point out mistakes in cheap movies. People just don't care.

But seeing stupid flaws like blatantly unsynchronized sound in movies like The Great Gatsby (which I never got around to writing a review for...woops!) and even more recently Now You See Me, just pisses me off. It's like the equivalent of finding something crunchy in your $50+ burger, and not being able to help but spend the rest of the meal chewing cautiously for fear of finding another one.

Do people really not see this? Am I being over-the-top by noticing these little cracks in perfect films? Because it really is something that cheapens the final product to me. Something that didn't quite get polished over and therefore dulls the quality of the movie.

Just wanted to get that rant out there.

Also, here is a lesson in the importance of sound:

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