Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Delightful Predictable Fluff from Hollywood (Kinda)

Just went to see What's Your Number last night with my mom and though Anna Faris's work is usually a cheap laugh for me (see The House Bunny and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) I actually really enjoyed the movie.

The plot revolves around Ally Darling (Faris) reading a magazine article that states that women who have over 20 lovers never get married. Panicked at the fact that she's already had 20, Ally tries to remedy her problem by going back to every guy she's ever slept with and trying to patch things up. Helping her find these guys is her neighbor Colin (Chris Evans), who is constantly trying to find a way to escape his seemingly endless one-night-stands by hiding out in Ally's apartment. All of this takes place against the backdrop of Ally's sister's wedding.

Hilarity then ensues. Ally bumps into ex after ex with something going slightly wrong with every next person she meets up with. The fat slob who is now a successful engaged doctor, the Brit who has found her out (definitely the hardest I've laughed in a WHILE, DON'T MISS THAT SCENE!), the OB-GYN who only recognizes her lady parts, and a handful of others. Serious laughs, and Faris is great as a girl who is so self aware. It's hard to find a film with that kind of character un-self-consciousness, especially when it's a girl in a romantic comedy.

Obviously this film is not about to win an Oscar, but there was a heart to it that was hard to ignore. Ally tries so hard to make it work with so many gross and incompatible guys and I feel like that's something that's not often brought up in movies, especially when you're dealing with such a hot lead actress. I mean, granted, she ends up with a really hot guy at the end but he's also kind of what society might brand as a loser: jobless, goal-less, and kind of a slut throughout the beginning of the movie.

But that's what made this movie kind of refreshing. It's so easy for films to go overboard with romance and heartache (like in 27 Dresses, another film based around a sister's wedding) that it was nice to see one that gave the characters a chance to be weird. Never before has the prospect of watching Mexican wrestling all day with margaritas and huevos rancheros seemed so romantic! I really liked the sloppy messy characters in this "fluffy" movie, who made me feel like "hey, sometimes Prince Charming slugs back beers and plays the guitar naked" and that not everything has to be covered in rose petals.

A very dumb, but fun movie.

probably 2 outa 5 for most people but a 3 outa 5 for me!

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