Monday, June 30, 2014

Escape from Tomorrow: No, Not 'The Edge of Tomorrow.' Different.

Hmm. In hindsight, this may have been why I had such a hard time remembering what the title of The Edge of Tomorrow was. Very different film.


I had heard about Escape from Tomorrow way back in October when I was at the New York Film Festival. Well...kind of. I saw a postcard in the lobby that looked like this:

Pretty neat, right?!?

And I thought to myself "Woah! Disney movies and horror movies coming together!? What an intriguing union!" These thoughts were further buoyed by the fact that I had heard that they got in major trouble with Disney by sneaking into Disney World and filming on location without a permit. Disney was pissed. And the movie seemed way cool.

And then...I actually watched it.


So the plot revolves around a family's trip to Disney World. The dad has just been fired from his job when the film starts, and it's the last day of his family's stay in Disney World. Determined not to let it damped their last day, he doesn't say anything to his wife, and they take off into the park. What then ensues is a bunch of weird stuff. He eyes up two French 13-year-olds, blacks out a few times, hallucinates (?), neglects his kids, has sex with some rando lady he meets, fights with his wife, and get into some increasingly bizarre situations.

Oh look, dad's hallucinating for some reason that never gets explained...

Wow, this movie was freakin' terrible. And I say that with authority. Because it could have been SO. COOL. And it totally and utterly failed.

The main problem with the movie (if you couldn't tell already) is that it is lacking a plot. When I first saw the tagline of it, "Bad things happen everywhere," I remember thinking "Wow, that is the most vague statement I have ever heard." and the movie plays that to its advantage. The only central plot is that bad things happen. Bad things that have nothing to do with one another. Weird bad things. And the end result is a scatterbrained attempt at being creative that flounders and falls short.

All you end up with by the end of The Escape from Tomorrow, is a ton of questions and no answers:

"Why is his wife being such a bitch?"
"Why is this dad so gross looking?"
"Why did he hallucinate his son's eyes doing that thing?"
"What the fuck is cat flu?"
"Is there a reason he's attracted to these 13-year-olds!?"
"Okay, seriously, how do you lose your kid in a 20 foot radius."
"Who's this guy in the motor scooter??"
"It's not turkey--it's emu??? Is this real life???"
"Who the hell is THIS lady???"
"WHAT the fuck is CAT FLU????"

You'd think if you're going to take the time to sidestep the laws of the world's second largest entertainment company, you would take the time to put out a stellar film. And not this thing. The fact that it's in black and white too looked really promising. Unusual, even. But the movie is a trainwreck. Half of it is green screened to make sense. But it doesn't.

wtf, cat flu.

The one TINY redeeming thing about this movie was how it was filmed. Interesting to see a movie and know that these things are happening in real life. But other than that it was incredibly disappointing.

2 outa 10. Possibly my lowest rating ever. It could've been SO COOL. Damnit.


  1. Great review! I thought this sounded interesting to begin with as well, but I'm glad I read this first. I don't think I'll be seeing it now. ha

    1. I mean I have very little patience for esoteric, nonlinear plots to begin with so maybe I'm missing something here, but I'm also just so disappointed that it made my review much lower haha. If you want to check it out for free it's on Netflix (at least in the US!).